There Ain’t No Words

April 11th, 2010

Parts 1 and 3 are now up too. These are a little more along the lines of what you’d expect from MDID. Anyway, as promised, as part of our 25th anniversary, a blitzkrieg of content here and more forthcoming. Take what you will. We’ll be recording the new(last?) record sometime over the mid/end of summer.

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There Ain’t No Words

April 7th, 2010

Some people have asked, what was I doing between 1997 (Everyone Wants the Honey..) and 2002 (Engine of Commerce). This is the answer. Making (very) rough instrumental demos, dozens and dozens of them. These 3 volumes encompass 3 baker’s dozen, loosely assembled into 3 categories part 1 (the heavier guitar sounds), part 2 (adventures in electronica) and part 3 (the more standard MDID pop sound.) You can imagine the albums they might have become had I had the patience to finish any of them. WARNING: THIS IS FOR FANS ONLY!! There are numerous f**k ups, clams, bad notes and “mistakes” in these recordings. If this is your first exposure to MDID, I doubt you will understand! That’s why this is a name your own price kinda deal. Pay what you will, and yes, 0 is allowed.

<a href="">0014 by My Dad is Dead</a>

Missing Pieces

March 29th, 2010

17 track digital only release of Studio recordings now available at link below… Many of these tracks were here for free download for a long time.. now getting dinged by my web provider for space and bandwidth, so trying out the bandcamp.. free to listen, but if you want to download it’s $10 for the whole bunch of them or .79 ea. These are encoded at higher quality than what was up for free before. More of this type of thing coming at bandcamp.. stay tuned..

<a href="">Parody by My Dad is Dead</a>

Out and about

February 20th, 2010

MDID will be appearing at a few different places in March… you can hear an interview and some tunes on the radio in Cle (or on the internets) on Sunday night March 7 with Jim Benson on Inner Sanctum, a live performance on WCSB on Friday March 12th at 11 am, a show at the Beachland Tavern that Friday night, with old friends the Lawton Brothers, and then a SXSW appearance March 17 at Habana Calle 6. Hope to see you there!

Living in the Past

January 7th, 2010

Found this tape while digging around for some old MDID stuff, and thought, why not? Nobody else is gonna post this stuff. Riot Architecture, 1984. The songs had no titles, mostly because the songs had no lyrics. This band was one great singer away from fame and fortune. Tim’s “helicopter guitar” in this one was a showstopper in the few actual shows we played.

Track 11

And here’s an MDID track from the PLM sessions that was never used… mostly because of the riff similarity (realized in hindsight) to a Sex Pistols song…along with the weird dropout halfway through..

No Future

Less cranky

December 17th, 2009

Jonathan has some good suggestions in the comments, some we have already incorporated. We’ve definitely had more success with blogs writing about the band, but most of the posts focus on the “glory” i.e. Homestead days, and sometimes blog writers, free spirits as they are, frown on “hey look at me” emails, if they even publish contact info.

I think it doesn’t work to our advantage that most of our notoriety such as it was occurred in pre-internet days. I think by default we have been connecting more and more directly with folks over the last few years. Much of that is by necessity for the fans who really like the music enough to pursue it though, and keep checking in during long periods of inactivity. The internet age has opened up a lot of doors, but not everyone has time to look behind all those doors to find one little CD by a band they liked once upon a time.

I mainly just meant to comment on how inffective the “traditional” promotional routes are these days for a band that hasn’t passed the Pitchfork test. There’s certainly nothing wrong with option B below, which is the most likely future course for the band.

Having my music roots in pre-internet times is what also has me resistant to giving up the physical medium, i.e. CD. Obviously the costs go down by a factor of 5 if the physical medium is discarded. It’s not that cost has been that much of an issue recently. I’m lucky that at the moment my well-being is not threatened by a 5-7k annual loss on band activities, like it seriously was in the late 80’s and early 90’s. But I do feel bad for those who would feel that pinch more severely. I have no illusions or desires for widespread success of MDID. After 25 years and 13 records, I am capable of learning!. I recognize that in the heirarchy of things that matter, whether or not MDID goes on is not going to make a huge difference in too many people’s lives. I also recognize that if I want to make more people aware of the fact that I still write songs, songs that maybe they might appreciate hearing, I have to work harder at making and keeping connections, posting things more regularly, writing more music more often, taking more chances with live shows. I think I just need to decide whether it matters enough to me to keep doing all those things.


December 16th, 2009

2 months and 200 promos later and the result is a literal handful of reviews and maybe 25 stations having played the record once or twice, along with a few copies for sale on E-bay, complete with the one sheet.

Seriously, doesn’t seem to be a point these days trying to self “promote” anything. Things from an “industry” perspective are worse off now than they were 25 years ago for the individual in that regard. At least in the 80’s you could send out a hundred “press promos” and actually get back 25 or 30 reviews. Now, as it was prior to the “indie rock” revolution, there’s only a few major players that drive the hot or not bus. Only now they are online rather than in print. I’ve got some thinking to do over the next year about whether it even makes sense to manufacture anything anymore. It’s the old tree falling in the forest thing.. I still happen to think the last 2 records were very good records.. but only a couple hundred people even know they exist, and I’m pretty sure the boxes of both I have in the closet will outlive me.

So what’s next? The choices seem to be
a) start a new band
b) keep MDID going only for my own amusement and a small circle of friends and dedicated fans, forgetting about putting out CD’s and playing live
c) pack it in finally and sell all my shit,

You can probably tell from the tone of my post which one I’m leaning towards today.


November 26th, 2009

Among many of the things I have to be thankful for are the few hundred dedicated fans who keep coming back, even after years of waiting for some new music. You all are the best, the reason I keep recording despite the general lack of interest from the world at large. So for you folks, a special little Thanksgiving treat in the form of a digital only EP.. This contains 2 non-LP tracks from the New Clear Route sessions. Here to Stay, a love song to the #1 person I have to be thankful for, my loving and patient wife Jeanne. Sanity On the Run – a hate song for all those over the last decade who’ve thought the abandonment of the very principles that supposedly make the U.S.a human rights example for the rest of the world was the right thing to do, and third, a blast from the past.. Our version of one of my very favorite VU songs, recorded live in Bremen Germany in 1989

There is a little trick to the treat though. To get the link for the EP, look on the underside of your A New Clear Route CD. Right after the “replicated by” acknowledgement, there’s a 7 digit alphanumeric code. The link to the EP is , where you would replace the word “code” with the 7 digit code you find near the center of the underside of the CD. Hint: All alpha characters should be in CAPS. If you’ve bought the CD from a digital vendor, email me at the link on the left for the code.

Stay tuned for more plans for free stuff for the upcoming 25th year MDID anniversary celebration, including a “re-envisioning” of the very first LP, more rarities and live stuff, along with other plans in the works.

To the virtual world…

November 12th, 2009

The new CD is available now 0n I-Tunes, E-Music and other MP3 download providers..

After nearly 4 weeks, finally feeling about 90% of normal.. voice still sounds slightly damaged, but coming back.. So sorry to have missed the Ohio shows at the end of October.

A New Clear Route Release Date

August 29th, 2009

So the release date is going to officially be October 15. J is finishing up the artwork and should get everything off to the plant by next week so we should have the CD’s in hand by the end of Sept. You can check out a preview of half the LP at the MDID radio link on the main page. (or just click here) .

Already have some new tunes in the works, so hopefully there won’t be a 4 year gap on the next one!. Still not sure how I managed to put out a record a year (and sometimes 2!) back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Here’s a quick quiz for all of you.. We’ve toyed with the idea of making a vinyl version of this release, but it’s ridiculously expensive to make… how many of you would be willing to pay in the neighborhood of $20 for a vinyl copy?